"Any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it."
Oscar Wilde


Yesterday, at Crew practice, my boat, the Freshman 1A boat, was rowing pieces against the Freshman 1B boat. (A is better than B). We were playing for "shirts" which means each time a boat loses, someone has to give up their shirt. We won almost all 7 pieces (mini races) that we rowed, and when the guy in 4 seat in B boat had to give up his shirt he told us he'd left it on the dock. So, he gave up his "full" water bottle.  Water is gold on Florida rivers (which are mostly salt water), so we were pretty excited. (We were planning on passing it up and down our boat until it was empty). 8 seat who is a port side rower, and leads the strokes, took a big swig. He promptly spit it out. Apparently 4 seat in the other boat had filled his water bottle up with salt water. I, at 7 seat, directly behind 8, got a front row seat to this amusing episode. LOL

I don't know how to make more than one post on this page, so I'm just going to make it all one giant post with a space in between lol. Anyway, my latest LOL is going to be about a golf tournament I went to a few weekends ago. Now I'm 6'2", which I think is pretty tall for a 14 year old. When I went to the tournament, I was definetly expecting to be one of the tallest there (as I usually am.) Another element of this story is that most kids my age hit the golf club, the driver, anywhere from 220-250 yards, which is a pretty long distance for golf. Now, I walked up to the tee to start the first round of the tournament, and I waited for my partner in equal anticipation as Ishmael waiting for Queequeg in Moby Dick. When he arrived, I looked up, and there he was, this humongous, 16 year old, player. He was probably 6'6". He went up to the tee first and crushed his ball, as he said later, about 300 yards. I proceeded to lose that round, and went on to the next round of the tournament, where as I waited for my competition, I hoped he wouldn't be another monster. Finally, my competitor got to the tee and he was about 4'5". I'm not kidding, I probably got the biggest kid, and then the smallest kid in the entire tournament, two rounds in a row. LOL
P.S. Yes I one vs. the smaller kid.

I went to a Boy Scout campout last weekend, but it wasn't any campout, it was an OA Ordeal. The Ordeal is a very difficult brotherhood ceremony that, upon passing it, allows you entry into the Order of the Arrow, which is the Boy Scout honor society. It's all secret, so I'm afraid the details are classified.
Anyway, on the way back, my friend's parents had carpooled with mine, so I was driving home with my friend's grandparent. I noticed that he had a 'Veteran' license plate, so during the somewhat boring car drive home, I struck up a conversation with him. When I asked him where he served he replied that he was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. I was quite happy to meet a veteran of such a unique war in American history, and asked him what kind of helicopters he flew. He told me he was in Medvac for a while, then he flew Cobra attack helicopters. WHOA!!! Cobra attack helicopters were amazing!!! They had grenade launchers that fired at the rate of machine guns. Thats awesome. I asked him what kind of experience he had while flying Cobras, did he blow stuff up? His reply was: "I blew a lotta stuff up."