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Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Is Everyone Afraid of the Military?

One of my premier interests is chemical engineering - however I am very passionate about the military. As a result, if I go into the chemical engineering field, I will probably be working with or for the military. However, when I mention this to my homeschooling friends, many of whom are very well educated, the majority of them recoil in astonishment or surprise. I have yet to meet a homeschooling family that supports or even understands my passion. This is unfortunate, because what the modern military needs are innovative thinkers, people who can anticipate and understand situations, then react to them before anyone else can. No offense to any schoolers who read my blog, but the best thinkers of this generation have been coming from homeschoolers. Why then, are homeschoolers so afraid of the military?
What I have come to believe is that the military scares people. Despite their advertisements pushing 'honor' and 'duty,' the military cannot really distract people from the casualty list. Yet, there are approximately 2,278,895 soldiers serving in the United States Armed Forces as of September 2010. Of these troops, 68,000 are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Info. from U.S. Department of Defense.) That's only 33% of American forces. That is a big percentage, but it becomes even smaller if you consider the number of men who actually go into combat. If you sign up, there is a better chance that you will end up manning base in the U.S. then fighting in Afghanistan.
I, for one, am determined to help support my country by serving or helping those who serve. I have subscribed to the National Defense magazine, and after doing this I have become even more caught up with the military. Not only do you work with thousands of other men and women towards a common goal, but if you stay in long enough, you could potentially change the way America itself functions. This is appealing to me, as America indeed needs change, and only the new generation of thinkers and politicians can do this. Although I do not intend to fight on the front lines of American liberty, I do intend to help those who do. Perhaps some of the homeschoolers who previously recoiled in distaste at my decision will understand why I think the way I do, and maybe even consider a career involving the military.

Don't worry! That's not me manning a bunker, that's just me posing for a shot in Normandy. By the way, if anyone has specific reasons why they dislike the military, please post a comment as to why. Thanks!


  1. I suppose that you have never actually "met" me but I totally support your passion for the military. I think that the reason most home-schoolers are afraid of the concept of letting their children go into the military is because the majority of young men (and women) there are in a really bad place morally. It's sorta like the environment of working on the railroad except for worse. However, if you have a strong foundation in your faith you can consider working for the military as a mission field. We are supposed to reach out to the lost, and what better place to do it than in the military? Personally I don't think I would because I wouldn't have any form of protection and I don't think that the bible supports women defending their country, but I would support my brothers going although it would be a little scary. Anyway, I really respect people who serve their country. My uncle is a marine and I am really proud of him :)
    ~Miss Samantha

  2. I like this post :) I know what you mean, and I agree with Samantha. Lots of homeschoolers just don't like the idea of going into a morally well, *bad* situation. Cause it's not good. But that doesn't mean that guys shouldn't go into that situation.

  3. Interesting... I wonder though, is it morally wrong to kill someone in self defense? I mean, its a basic commandment: 'Thou shalt not kill,' but many of the best biblical heroes fought at the heads of armies, and some of them even wrestled with angels or God himself. That's just the biblical examples...
    However I do see Samantha's point and its a very good one! What better place to turn bad morals around then in a place where they abound? Oh yeah! That rhymed! *Does rhyme dance.*
    Thanks for commenting!

  4. I wouldn't say that it's morally wrong to kill someone in defense of your country. But I don't think hardly any of the people in the military go there because they have a desire to protect their country. Some of the time it's simply from peer pressure, a lot of the time it's because you get quite a few benefits after you get out. So most of the time people haven't worked out in their mind why they are really doing this and once they get there their whole moral standard (everyone has one) has to be broken down most of the time for them to be able to kill someone without feeling anything.
    Now, if you are a Christian you should understand *why* this is important before going into the military. You should be driven be a desire to serve God first, and then your country. But just think of what has to happen to people that don't have that drive. Generally they are taught to be driven by anger and passion. Mostly anger. They have to be so angry, and hate the enemy so much that when they kill people it doesn't affect them much if at all. The people I know that have come out of the military and are not Christians are very angry people. It's like in Stars wars where the dark side warriors are driven by their anger, but the light side is driven by hope. I know by what my uncle has told me that the environment in the military is basically go out and get drunk every night, a whole lot of swearing and *really* bad moral codes.
    I apologize profusely that I get so long winded. Sorry :)
    I love rhyming dances haha.

  5. In my opinion, people who "flinch" when they hear that someone desires to serve in the military does this because of fear. Many have forgotten the sacrifices our fore-fathers have made for us to enjoy the freedoms of today. If a young person joins the military or is involved in an industry that supports the military, I do not "flinch" but say "thank you".

  6. Wow Jack-I really liked the question. Fear is not necessarily a bad thing. I have a great deal of respect for the military but I am one of those who have fear. I have fear for many reasons. I will name a few. I am not always convinced that our military soldiers are always allowed to protect themseleves adequately. Some pliticians have no problem putting their personal careers ahead of the lives of our military men. The soldiers are often put in harms way for reasons that are not justified. There is often no definintion of what a win would look like so soldiers are put in a no win situation. When there is corruption or bad leadership it is often impossible or very costly for a soldiers to voice their concern. Unlike a civilian job a soldier cannot just leave the company and may be forced to stay in a situation that can only lead to serious problems. I admire your ambition and desire to serve your country. You will be successful in any field....but be aware following orders in the military can lead to difficult moral conundrums. However, even with all the problems I see in the military I support and admire the people willing to try and serve and make the military and country better and safer. I have fear but I would not let fear control me. I have no doubt you would be a great asset to our country if you joined the military...just stay well aware of the unique problems our military and the soldiers face so you can be as prepared as possible.

  7. Jack, You never cease to amaze and impress me!

    I believe most people recoil at the idea of the military due to initial thoughts of going to war. What about people in the military that spend their careers ensuring that our country has no need to go to war? Don't we need those people too? Your mother taught me about Aristotle & his criticism of the Spartans: that they only trained & prepared for war and not peace.

    So, yes, I see great value in joining the military. Do I want you to be the one that does? NO. Absolutely not. Once you join, you lose the freedom to decide whether or not you are placed on the frontlines. But, if you DO join, I will support you fully.

  8. Very impressive post! Having been in the Air Force, and having many family members also in the Air Force, I would automatically defend the positive sides of entering the military. Additionally, having just recently begun Grad school, studying Organizational Culture, and quickly realizing that in order to thrive in our global culturally evolving society, we need forward and innovative thinkers...and we also need them in our military. I was in the Air Force many years ago, however, and can only hope that your endeavors and aspirations are openly and freely accepted by the military, an otherwise closed society of rigid rules and regulations, and some that would appear to have been from the ice age.
    I applaud your post and your goals and wish you the best of success in your future. I think the military and society will be lucky to have such a citizen!

  9. Good for you Jack!
    And I would agree with Samantha and Shaina, it's not just that people are scared of the military, but that a lot of people involved in it have very low morals.


  10. I was home schooled for the duration of my entire high school education, afterwards I went to 2 different colleges before deciding to join the Air Force. The military is an excellent opportunity and career, if you can handle it, and make the best of it. No matter how I feel on any given day, or my attitude that morning, I still wake up each day, supporting my country to the best of my ability. I strongly believe more people should consider enlisting to realize the potential their own body & mind is capable of, learning more about their fellow citizens sacrifices to defend their country, and understand what it is like to be part of a bigger picture, one with an ultimate goal of keeping our brothers and sisters in the United States of America free & safe at all costs. I only wish that more had a perspective like yours towards the military.

  11. Thanks guys.
    @Chandler, thats awesome! I'm working on the physical/academic checklist for entry into West Point right now. What are you doing in the Air Force? Did you go via Air Force Academy or via a College Commission?
    I really enjoying getting new comments, thanks for taking the time to post! I don't have a ton of time to post, but I'll try whenever I can. Thanks!

    Cpt. Jack